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PT Bahana Securities

Jakarta based, Enclave Member, PT Bahana Securities, is an independent and full-service brokerage firm that provides North American investors access to the Indonesian market. PT Bahana provides comprehensive research into more than 48 companies across Indonesia’s 12 most important sectors; Auto and Equipment, Banking, Cement, Construction, Consumer Products, Mining, Plantations, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Shipping, Telecoms, and Toll Roads.

With its continued research capabilities, efficient back office and application of appropriate information technology, PT Bahana is currently one of the leading securities company in Indonesia.

PT Bahana is a member of the Indonesian Stock Exchange.


PT Bahana (New York)

Research Sales: Courtney Fellowes
Direct: +1 646 454 8640

Research Sales: Ashish Agrawal 
Direct: +62  21 527 0808